Getting Started

Ok, lets get started... If you have read Votan Telepathy v2.0 you should have a good idea of what to expect from the system. Basically you are getting a synthesiser that works on both iOS and OS X AudioUnit, and they can communicate between each other. This communication is either via the cloud (for preset and user data), or via wifi for low latency control of the audio unit from iPad. We take care of everything in between so you can concentrate on creativity.

The preliminary steps to starting the engine

1. Cloud account.

Before you can download and access presets, you need to ensure you have a cloud account set up with us. If you bought the audio unit from our website, your cloud username and password will have been emailed to you already. Use this along with the serial number to authorise and access your cloud account.

If you are using iPad and dont already have a cloud account set up, click BROWSER, then when the Browser window opens click "Register".

On the next page, simply enter the name, username, email and password. Click "Register" and you'll then receive an email with details of your account. Make sure you verify the account by clicking the verfication link in the email.

Be sure to use these login details whenever you use the synth, and you should be kept logged in until you click log out. 

2. Getting Presets

Once logged into your account, and with a working internet connection, you can check out some of the public presets available online. We suggest you start with our free bank "Telepathy V2".

Simply click/touch highlight on one of the Public Banks, then click "Download Bank" and try them out. The banks you choose will be immediately downloaded to your device (Mac/iPad). They will probably arrive in ALL, or Not In Bank.

You can now use these presets as a base to modify and create new presets.

Find one you like, and click "Save As", choose a suitable name, then press "Save". 

3. Editing Presets

Now you have some presets to play with, you can re-edit the presets, change name, category, bank etc.

To do this click "Edit" and change the information in the right hand section.

Then, click "Browser" to return to the Synth screen and start top change some parameters, filters, oscillators etc.

When you are happy with the sound, press "Commit" and this will commit the changes to your cloud account.

4. Sharing Presets

In the Banks section, you have a button (User/Public).

"Public" Banks are all the publicly available banks on the cloud for you to check out.

"User" Banks are your private banks.

If you want to share any specific bank, just click "PERMISSIONS" and select the banks you wish to make public.

Now your bank is public for all cloud users to see.