Using Votan Cloud

The Votan Cloud gives you the opportunity to safely store your presets and banks in the cloud. Once a preset is in the cloud, you will be able to access this preset from any of your Telepathy applications (iOS/Audiounit). You can also chose to make these presets public, so other uses can enjoy the fruits of your sonic explorations. 

To use the cloud features, you need a working internet connection. Of course you do not need an internet connection to use the synth or make presets. Only times when you wish to "commit" a preset or bank to your user or public banks, or to use a public preset.

Commit & Refresh

Mostly you only have two actions to remember, they are "commit" and "refresh". 

  • To "commit" is to save the preset to your cloud.
  • To "refresh" is to update your preset with the version stored in the cloud. 

A typical usage scenario is that you have the Telepathy Audio Unit installed and working in your favourite DAW. You also have the iOS app installed on your iPad. So, you first make a new preset on the iPad, fire up a few oscillators, set the envelopes, filters ect.. Its sounding good, so you save the preset to your User Bank. In order to use this preset in your Telepathy AU, you need to "Commit" the preset to the cloud. To do this simply press "Commit". Your preset will now be available across all devices and instances of Telepathy. 

To use the preset you made on iPad in your AU, you then need to "refresh", so that you AU database is updated from the cloud. Simple as that, nothing else. Just try to keep your iOS/AU up to date by using these functions.

Public or Private

Making new user banks is easy, just click "New Bank", give it name and your new bank will appear in the USER Banks table.

To add a preset to this bank, just select the preset, and press "Edit", then change the bank and press "Save". Now the preset is in the Bank of your choice.

To make this Bank public, just click "Permissions" and set Public On or Off. Simple as that. Any Banks with permission set to Public, will be available to the whole community

* we are implementing a social system to share between groups and friends only.

Trying Public Presets from the Cloud

You can of course try out some presets from the cloud. To do this you need to be logged into your cloud account, click Public above the Banks table. Here you will see a list of all the public banks available. Every Preset you click/touch will be set to the synth so you can try it.