Controlling AU Instances from the iPad / iPhone

To use Votan Control you need your iPad and Mac to be connected to the same local network. If the iPad and Mac are on the same local network (same router), everything will be taken care of automatically. There is nothing extra to install, nothing to configure, its completely automatic.

A typical scenario is that you are using your favourite DAW, and you have a handful of instances of Telepathy AU.

To control these instances form your iPad, simply verify that you have a working local network (ie you iPad/iPhone and Mac are connected to the same wifi network).

Then, on the iPad, simply press "Instances" to see what Telepathy AU's are in the house. If you have 5 Telepathy instances in your DAW, they will appear in the list. If your cloud is updated, you will see the preset name of the instance. Click on the instance of your choice, and all the parameters of the synth will be synced.

You can now control ALL aspects of Telepathy AU direct from your iPad. You can search presets, load them, change parameters, use the Perform Control or accelerometer to change values. Total Control with no strings attached.

To use multiple iPads to control different instances you need to select the iPad from the list of "Servers" on the Telepathy Audio Unit. This way you can select which iPad/iPhone controls which instance.